Commercial Paint Mixer Solutions

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Industrial mixers chosen for commercial paint production are critically important.  New formulations are continually evolving in many ways.  Whether its new colors, longer-lasting sheen or perhaps increased protective properties these products require more complex production processes and specific equipment to guarantee each batch is produced repeatably and with full homogeneity.  Utilization of the right mixer during pigment addition, let down processing and, finally, suspension of settled solids can make the difference between poor product performance and success for the end user.

Understanding the proper agitation requirements for today’s increasingly complex ingredient profiles is a must.  Formulations can be viscous or shear-thinning, contain high solids content, and / or be shear sensitive.  Knowing these details at the time of mixing equipment selection will help to ensure an effective and efficient production process.  Although many commercial coatings manufacturers seek to maximize the use of existing equipment across product lines there are times that one mixer does not fit all applications.

INDCO has nearly 45 years of experience and engineering expertise to assist with industrial mixer design and specification from small-batch benchtop production volumes of specialty products to volumes in the thousands of gallons of latex bases, primers and other formulations. 

Benchtop Mixers:

HSD-series:  INDCO’s smallest lab scale disperser models are air-powered and ideal for dispersions up to five gallons.    

HS-Series:  Models from ½ to 2 horsepower.  These electric benchtop dispersers are designed for small containers to 5 gallons.  Benchtop dispersers are a great solution for imparting pigments or other ingredients directly into the batch on a small scale using dispersion blades.

MX-1:  The MX-1 (air or electric) offers higher torque and larger axial flow impellers.  The combination of higher torque and axial flow turbine impeller supports lower-shear, flow-based mixing in containers to 5 gallons for final blending.

HSM-03V:  INDCO’s most versatile benchtop mixer offers two speed ranges to support either high shear dispersion or high viscosity blending with a simple changeover and by changing the impellers.  Marine style propellers, hydrofoils or axial flow turbines can be used for flow-based blending.  Dispersion blades can be used for high shear mixing and a bow-tie style impeller is employed for very high viscosities.  The HSM-03V  utilizes a 3 horsepower DC motor for constant torque performance when mixing higher viscosities.

Floor Mount Mixers:

HS-Series: Models from 5 to 20 horsepower.  Larger, more powerful floor-mounted dispersers impart pigments and other solids into liquids or multiple dissimilar liquids into a homogeneous mixture under high shear.

MX-Series: Models in 3 and 5 horsepower.  Rugged floor-mounted lift style mixers that feature gear reduction for higher torque to mix 55-gallon drums or similar volume tanks.  Axial flow turbine impellers are supplied for maximum flow of higher viscosity formulations.

Tank Mounted Mixers:

TM-Series:  INDCO’s top-mounted tank mixers for agitating in large tanks from 100 gallons to as high as 50,000 gallons.  These mixers are ideal for batch or continuous processing in non-sealed applications and feature quiet, highly efficient operation.  These mixers can be configured with hydrofoils for efficient blending of lower viscosities or axial flow turbine impellers for higher viscosities.

Portable Mixers:

BT-Series & BGF-Series.  INDCO’s IBC tote bracket mounted mixers are ideal for suspending settled product following distribution or storage in IBC totes.  Also see our BTC-series and BGTC-series tote mixers for enhanced operational and ergonomic features.

D-Series and GH-series:  Heavy-duty clamp mixers for production mixing in open top containers.  These mixers are available in a wide variety of power ratings, air or electric power source, and direct or gear-drive configuration.